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I'm writing and I'm happy and it's working and yay :) :) :)

Life is stupid and expensive and full of stress but at least I'm writing.
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So the thing, with my former writing partner..... yea it was a bad plan for my own personal mental health. :( Unfortunately.

I wanted it to work out.

so there's a thing.


Jun. 12th, 2013 10:53 pm
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Tried to record tonight: train, upstairs neighbor taking a shower, airplane, screaming baby next door, someones air-conditioner, etc.

Gave up, wrote a little then worked on an art project instead.
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So I had a writing partner, we starting writing together my junior year of high school, and we lived together in college. We were best friends for a long time. About five years ago a number of things happened that can be summarized as

she got engaged
we stopped living together
she got married
we stopped talking
About three years of silence

Two years ago, my sister made me get a facebook and my old friend got in touch with me, "would it be ok if we were facebook friends?" sure, so we did that for a while (about two years which you know if you can do simple math) but we talked about movies, Tv shows, impersonal things, and not regularly maybe one conversation every 2-3 months. And it was OK.

So this week she sends me a message that ends with "hey I could never get anything written without you, how do you feel about writing together again"

The answer is conflicted,
on the one hand YAY, because I don't make progress on my own, I need her to get anything done beyond the initial idea and couple of pages.
On the other hand, that will be a lot more interaction, and a lot more personal than "hey are you watching Sherlock?" and I think I'd be OK with that but I'm not 100% sure.
On the third hand the minute I read that my brain sat up and said "we're writing again? AWESOME let me tell you All The Stories RIGHT NOW".
And on the forth hand I miss her. We built our friendship on writing and if there is any way that we're going to be able to re-build it it's this.
On the fifth hand however my current best friend (who has never met my old friend) will be SOOOOOO not ok with this, I know she's being protective of me but I also know that she blames my old friend for everything that went wrong between us (aside- it was nobody/everybody/circumstances/bad timing/etc.) and I don't like keeping secrets but I'll have to not mention it until my old friend and I are past the 'clearing out the rubble of the past to lay a new foundation' stage.
On the sixth hand I've already said yes and this is just me airing out my feelings so they don't mold.

So I'm tentatively really happy about this, a little bit worried but mostly really happy.

So there's a thing.

Dear Self

May. 27th, 2013 10:06 pm
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I see you over there, looking at Bandom. Don't do it, for the love of monkeys we already have enough fandoms.
~Common Sense
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love podfic

If you look closely at my icon you can see that I'm a The Losers fan, there are some great fics in this fandom and one of my favorites is The First Eight Don't Count. The podfic is done by the amazing katemonkey, her timing is lovely and this is both the first podfic that I ever loved and one that I listen to over and over again.

The First Eight Don't Count

In fact I'm listening to it again, right now.

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Podfic Love

Edit: And Succeed

I'm excited about the Podfic Feedback Challenge, as I continue the process of de-lurking one slow (painful) step at a time.
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YAY I stopped touching the mic
also deep breaths in between sections so they can be edited out, YAY
however I think I'm reading too fast this time...... boo

Still having fun :)
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Don't touch the mic
Seriously, just stop it.

also remember to say your name at the beginning not just the author and title.


May. 8th, 2013 03:45 pm
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I have decided to make podfic. Here are the notes from my first try.

If the microphone is on mute then it won't record.
I take regular deep audible breaths.
I don't hate the sound of my own voice the way I was afraid I would.
Don't mess with the mic while it's recording.
Get some water.
Also make some coffey, because yawning in the middle of the story is not cool.
Now I see why people have always told me I have a good phone voice.

and lastly, this is going to be super fun!
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"Why didn't you feed me more dirt when I was little!?"
~My Sister
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Why does real life take up so much time?
Anyway, here is a Sherlock rec, this series is awesome. it's fluffy and it's domestic and it's a supper slow burn and it pushes so many of my buttons. I have hearts is my eyes for this fic like you would not believe.

At Least There's The Football By sheffiesharpe
In the first story DI Lestrade and Mycroft Holmes meet in the aftermath of the pool explosion and in the rest of the series build a relationship, and it is fantastic. Featuring Football(the kind that is also Soccer,) Greg Lestrade is Punk Rock, Athena is what would happen if models were ninjas, kids, Mycroft is Adorable, Sherlock is, well, Sherlock and John is long suffering.

So Tired

Jul. 16th, 2012 01:17 pm
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I have way too many things to do to have been up till 3am last night.
But the very excellent thehoyden wrote the very excellent Tour de Force and yea.....

Hockey RPF is like my kryptonite
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How is it the middle of July? When did that happen, well I suppose work has been crazy-pants busy, and I lost a week to over 100 degree temps (because I am a non-functional human being at anything over about 90) but still.

Anyway I saw spider-man and it was awesome. I think that this actor plays a much better peter parker than whats-his-face who was in the last set. And since marvel movies are making money hand over fist I'm sure there will be a couple more.... and I shall watch them....AND REJOICE.....or something of that nature.


May. 24th, 2012 09:03 am
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"No, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are SCIENCE BOYFRIENDS!"
" worries me when you make sense."

I love Tony and Bruce, after the movie came out everyone was like 'science boyfriends, of course, why didn't we see it before' and it's great.
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I need a vacation. Blarg. I came home from work yesterday afternoon, canceled my plans, begged off going to a baseball game with my mom, took a handful of pills (allergy, decongestants, advil), got an ice pack for my hand (non-dominant hand, why does it hurt? no idea) and went to sleep.

This was an excellent idea for both my mental and physical health. Bad for productivity though and my to-do list is about half-way to collapsing under it's own weight. *sigh*

It's not like I had the brain power to get anything done anyway, even when I woke up all I was good for was vaguely watching bones. I keep telling myself that I needed the break, and I know it's true I was on-the-verge-of-tears tired at work on Friday and yesterday was not much better. But still...

I don't know where I got all this guilt from.
Need vacation.


May. 3rd, 2012 09:39 am
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Avengers Avengers! avengersavengersavengersavengers

I'm so excited, I've even managed to avoid spoiling myself for the movie, which is unusual for me. :)



May. 1st, 2012 06:50 pm
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So I maybe, perhaps, got yelled at a little bit yesterday by my best friend. I was just doing that thing I do, where I come up with a new character or plot or world and then want to talk about it. Thusly abandoning the last new plot/idea/whatever without finishing it in any way. Resulting in her hearing the beginning of everything and the end of nothing.

*sigh* it's a bad habit

She's not really mad at me, because if she were then she wouldn't have spent lunch helping me work out the motivations of the main character in that time travel thing I'm not going to write.

In any case I'm going to try to focus on one thing and maybe actually make progress on it in some manner. So for now the time travel thing and the inception crossover and the river warden thing and all the other things are going to take a backseat to the annoying vampire thing.

wish me luck internets I'ma gonna need it

Also why is sheepish not an mood option


Apr. 16th, 2012 11:00 pm
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Ok I don't even care anymore, THIS is hysterical
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