May. 1st, 2012 06:50 pm
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So I maybe, perhaps, got yelled at a little bit yesterday by my best friend. I was just doing that thing I do, where I come up with a new character or plot or world and then want to talk about it. Thusly abandoning the last new plot/idea/whatever without finishing it in any way. Resulting in her hearing the beginning of everything and the end of nothing.

*sigh* it's a bad habit

She's not really mad at me, because if she were then she wouldn't have spent lunch helping me work out the motivations of the main character in that time travel thing I'm not going to write.

In any case I'm going to try to focus on one thing and maybe actually make progress on it in some manner. So for now the time travel thing and the inception crossover and the river warden thing and all the other things are going to take a backseat to the annoying vampire thing.

wish me luck internets I'ma gonna need it

Also why is sheepish not an mood option

First Post

Mar. 11th, 2012 11:11 pm
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To start off on the new journal I'm going to post something that I've written, though if all goes to plan most of the posts will be about things that other people have written.

I write a very small amount of poetry, as in one poem every ten years or so, but here is a poem that I wrote about working in a grocery store.

Please Don't Shop on Sunday

Please don't shop on Sunday,
it makes me pretty sad.
Please don't shop on Sunday
the selections pretty bad.

We sell it faster than we can stock it
and tempers are getting frayed,
because there's nothing in the backroom
so nothing extra can be made.

So please consider Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday
For any day, at any time,
is better than on Sunday

Patience is short and lines are long,
the parking lot is messy.
For everyone and their brother,
wants to shop on Sunday.

So please consider Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday.
But please, oh, please, for all our sakes,
stay at home on Sunday!

The next post will probably be fic recs, YAY.


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