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Why am I having the desire to read Hockey RPF.... I don't watch hockey, I don't even know who these people are.

Dear Brain,
Please, stop this madness.
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So if you happen to be driving home and Metallicas song Sanitarium comes on the radio, and your brain for whatever reason replaces the word Sanitarium with the word Secretariat, then you end up driving down the freeway rocking out at the top of your lungs about being stalked and tormented by a racehorse.

Or maybe that's just me.

Sec-Re-Tar-I-At Leave Me Aloooooooone
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This is the Van Helsing Fic that I never knew that I needed so much.
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Here are four Avengers Fics that make me smile.

Marriage, Tattoos, Pants and a Banjo )
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For my birthday I got myself the movie RED. I love this movie, old BAMFs kick ass. Also I kinda want to be Victoria when I'm old, she's so elegant and shes got this giant gun and a great hat.

I've read a couple of RED crossovers (and I do so enjoy crossovers) with Inception. There are two I think where Arthur is Franks adopted son and one where Eames is Victoria and Ivan's lovechild.

However the crossover that I would really like is a RED and The Losers crossover and it would go like this.

Cougar joins the Army and they find that he has a natural talent for shooting at things. They want him to have the best training available but their usual guy is in Mongolia or has broken spleen or whatever so they call in a favor from MI-6. Victoria becomes Cougars mentor and teaches him all about sniping and accessorizing. Here are the reasons I think it works.

-Victoria is the right age to be semi-retired and teaching when Cougar is a itty-bity-baby-sniper.

-When Frank gets shot he goes to Victoria to get patched up. When Jenson gets shot Cougar is the one that's sewing him up.

-They both have fantastic hats.

-It would be Amazing.

That is all

First Post

Mar. 11th, 2012 11:11 pm
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To start off on the new journal I'm going to post something that I've written, though if all goes to plan most of the posts will be about things that other people have written.

I write a very small amount of poetry, as in one poem every ten years or so, but here is a poem that I wrote about working in a grocery store.

Please Don't Shop on Sunday

Please don't shop on Sunday,
it makes me pretty sad.
Please don't shop on Sunday
the selections pretty bad.

We sell it faster than we can stock it
and tempers are getting frayed,
because there's nothing in the backroom
so nothing extra can be made.

So please consider Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday
For any day, at any time,
is better than on Sunday

Patience is short and lines are long,
the parking lot is messy.
For everyone and their brother,
wants to shop on Sunday.

So please consider Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday.
But please, oh, please, for all our sakes,
stay at home on Sunday!

The next post will probably be fic recs, YAY.


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